Daily Archives: January 19, 2015

We prepare for the next irrigation season

Article is devoted to questions of effective use of water resources in the Krasnoperekopsky area. In it it is told to receive stable grain yields and forage crops, it is necessary to restore crop rotations, having watered with dozhdevalny equipment it should be conducted round the clock. Behind rational use, protection and reproduction of water resources in Krasnoperekopsky UVH the control service which works in close contact to water users of the area is created.
Article is intended for heads and specialists of agricultural enterprises, farms, village councils and other water users in areas.
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Protravlivaniye of seeds and timely processing of crops – receptions the most radical

One of the most effective ways of decrease in production and financial expenses – introduction of resource-saving technologies, replacement of plowing bezotvalny and superficial processings of the soil is described. Article contains speech of the chief of the State inspection on protection of plants of AR Crimea.
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