To increase production and realization of wine-making production

In article information from republican meeting of wine-growers and wine makers of AR Crimea in which is presented questions of preparation of vinogradarsky farms and the enterprises of winemaking of an autonomy by a season of cleaning and grapes processing are taken in detail up.

Bnastoyashhee time the wine-making industry of an autonomy is presented by 50 enterprises, from which 38 (76 %) the working. In 2007 wine makers of the Crimea made and realized production on 0,7 billion UAH., that makes 22,6 % from volume of production and realization of all food production of the Autonomous Republic Crimea. It is exported wine-making production for the sum of 72,5 million UAH. (10,5 % from all realized vinoproduktsiya). It is exported to 14 countries of the near and far abroad. The main countries – importers: Russia, Belarus, England, Poland, Estonia, Canada. Send the production for export of 8 wine-making enterprises of an autonomy (GP Plant of sparkling New World wines, TD Crimean wine house, NPAO "Massandra", JSC ZMVK "Koktebel", JSC Alef-Vinal-Crimea, JSC VP Dionysus of LTD., JSC Solnechnaya dolina, 1111 GP and / f to "Magarach").

Make wine-making production of 14 regions of Ukraine. Only in the Crimea last year wine grape – 33 %, champagne – 5 % were made cognac of 30 % from total amount of production across Ukraine. It is necessary to note that with the organization of production of sparkling wines on DP Crimean wine house growth rate of production in natural expression on group of sparkling and sparkling wines in 2007 in an autonomy makes 24,3 %.

3a 7 months 2008, on datas of statistics, in comparison with the similar period of last year, are celebrated growth of volume of production in natural expression: wine grape – for 24,4 %, cognac – for 39 %.

The general capacity on grapes processing in the Autonomous Republic Crimea at 39 enterprises with primary winemaking makes 264 thousand tons per year. In 2007 of capacity of the processing enterprises of branch were used for 37 %.

In 2007 for the financial and economic reasons processing of grapes was carried out by 32 enterprises (64 %), was processed by them on wine materials of 97 thousand tons of grapes, about 7,0 million are developed gave. wine materials, including: the sparkling – 1,0 million gave (14 %), table not fortified – 3,1 million gave (44 %), fortified – 2,1 million gave (30 %), cognac – about 0,84 million gave (12 %).

In structure of regions of Ukraine which is engaged in wine growing and winemaking, the share of the Crimean producers makes 15-20 %, depending on conditions of year.

In previous year, 5 enterprises which have the earth and own raw material resources didn’t participate in processing of grapes of 7 Crimean enterprises having the corresponding capacities, including. The main thing that didn’t allow plants to start to work in 2007 – small volumes of raw materials and a weak economic condition.

In the conditions of this year the increase in number of the working enterprises of primary winemaking is expected. It will give the chance to stabilize a financial and economic situation of some enterprises at the expense of renewal of work of capacities on grapes and realization processing not raw materials, finished product a.

By August 20 of this year in an autonomy for processing 90-95 thousand tons of grapes that makes about 18 % from expected quantity across all Ukraine arrived. Such volume of the processed raw materials will give the chance to develop in the Crimea within 7 million gave. wine materials.

In the course of preparation for a season of processing of a crop of 2008 the wine-making enterprises of an autonomy mastered over 5 million UAH. own means. For 2009-2010 it is planned on modernization of wineries to direct over 15 million UAH.

Today practically all enterprises planning processing of grapes, finished a preparatory work and are ready to begin grapes acceptance. Separate wineries already started production of wine materials (GP "Livady", JSC Burlyuk, GP state farm "Fruit").

The accession of Ukraine to the World Trade Organization caused to speed up work on increase of competitiveness of production, introduction of control systems by quality on the basis of the ISO standards of series 14 000 (System of ecological management), 9 000 (Quality management system).

Above-mentioned standards in the work already use NPAO "Massandra", ZShV "New World", DP Crimean Wine house of JSC L’EMPIREDUVIN, JSC Solnechnaya dolina.

At the same time it is necessary to remind once again that programs of financial support from the government budget and the budget of the Autonomous Republic Crimea via the mechanism of reduction of the cost of the credits at the expense of compensation of interest rates on the credits work.

In 2007 from the Crimean budget to the enterprises of the food industry 2,7 million UAH are allocated., but among them there is no wine-making. We wait for your offers!

Production questions on food and processing industry

1. To enter the differentiated payment for the license for wholesale trade in alcoholic beverages and tobacco products of own production depending on volumes of their realization.

We suggest to establish for producers zero cost of the license for wholesale trade in production of own production (as this kind of activity demands obligatory acquisition of the license for production) or at a rate of 1,5 % from the sum of realization of the corresponding production for the previous period, but no more than 500 thousand UAH. in a year.

2. To solve a question with the Public tax administration of Ukraine on reference of wine materials of own production from own grapes to agricultural products, instead of to the excisable goods.

The public tax administration in the Autonomous Republic Crimea at check carries the wine materials developed from raw materials of own production and realized on plants of secondary winemaking (which are payers of the excise tax), to excisable production and demands transfer in the value added tax budget, and at failure to pay it, applies penalties. The enterprises are compelled, to solve a question of incompetence of actions of tax service through judicial authorities. It destabilizes their work. The accurate concrete instruction of the Public tax administration coordinated with bodies is necessary for settlement, authorized to treat existing regulations of Ukraine.

3. To charge to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine to develop an order of recalculation of prime cost of the wine materials put on endurance for the term of more than 2 years, in production of champagne by classical way, and also at production of vintage wines.

Production of vintage wines, and also champagne, has in the classical way a production cycle not less than 3 years. Wine materials (raw materials) are bought 3 years prior to realization of finished product at the prices which have developed for that period. Because of an unstable economic situation and a rise in prices, prime cost of finished product annually increases, thus the share of raw materials in its structure respectively decreases. Wholesale selling price includes profit from which as a result of current taxation on enterprise development practically remains nothing. It is necessary to give the chance for the enterprises to apply factor of inflation or to provide any other factor for recalculation of cost of the put raw materials to a price level on it at the moment of realization of finished product. It will give the chance to the enterprise to provide raw materials purchase for the subsequent period of work. It belongs and to production of the vintage wines having the long period of endurance.

4. To solve a creation question in the Autonomous Republic Crimea of regional branch of laboratory of quality and safety of production of agro-industrial complex for researches on the international standards, created at National agrarian university, including, for definition in food genetic the modified organisms (GMO).

N. Polyushkin, deputy minister of an agrarian policy of AR Crimea.