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Extension of a resource of import soil-cultivating equipment

In the publication it is a question of extension of a resource of import soil-cultivating equipment. Because production and updating of fast-wearing-out details (ploughshares of plows, chisels, field disks and others) in the country aren’t adjusted, the producer of agricultural products is compelled to buy them at rather high prices.
For considerable decrease in their cost production and updating of these details at the enterprises repairing agricultural machinery and having technical possibility of performance of the main operations is organized.
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Productivity of soil-cultivating equipment depends on its serviceability

In a note it is a question that productivity of soil-cultivating equipment in many respects depends on its malfunction. Small operational and technical malfunctions lead to big losses of productivity of units, a sowing material, fuels and lubricants fertilizers and, as result, to increase in prime cost of crop production.
It is paid attention of experts and machine operators to a right choice of working bodies for high-quality preparation of the soil, optimum speed at crops by seeders to avoid losses of a sowing material and mineral fertilizers.
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How it is better to organize storage of cars?

In the publication it is a question that at the wrong storage of difficult cars and agricultural machinery the technical condition happens much worse, than after the most hard work in the field.
The greatest distribution was received by the combined way of storage of equipment when in garages and sheds store in the basic the cars having many details of made their textile, rezinotekstilny materials and wood, and plows, harrows, hitches, both other cars and tools establish seeders on the prepared open areas and under canopies.
Correctly organized storage of cars economically for farms.
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