Wonderful quail

In article recommendations about cultivation perepelov are made.

Quails rush nearly an every day for a year, each chicken gives to 300 eggs. And it is the most valuable product. About medical properties of quail eggs legends go.

 Sang racks to infections therefore they don’t need to be vaccinated, their production non-polluting. Physicians established that quail eggs po­mogayut to improve a state of health of the people who have undergone to radiation.

From eggs children sometimes have an allergy. In this case too help out quail  eggs  -  they      don’t cause an allergy.  The people  of old  age using quail eggs, feel much more vigorously and more fine. In Japan quail eggs – an obligatory component in a food of school students: they study better, suffer stresses easier.

So, if you decided to get perepelov, it is necessary to know some features of their contents.

First, they don’t take out drafts, catch a cold, are ill, decreases them nesuchest. The temperature mode should be constant – plus 18-22°C. If tempe­ratura below, they cease to rush, if above – feathers drop out.

Secondly, sang are sensitive to change of forages. They should be accustomed to any new forage gradually, differently they upset intestines. If after all it happened, recommended to be added to drinking water levomicetin – 0,5 g plus a little sugar on 10 heads. Water with medicine give for three days.

To help to strengthen health of birds it is possible a vypaivaniye of pale-pink solution of potassium permanganate for 3-5 days. For restoration of intestinal flora it is recommended to give twice a week also a little curdled milk (kefir, bifivita, acidolakta). Too bright lighting also isn’t pleasant perepelam – they begin a rasklevyvaniye. The lack of albuminous forages can be the reason of a rasklevyvaniye and loss of a feather and sulfur – addition in cabbage food, and also vitamins and albuminous forages here will help. They don’t maintain and high humidity.

How to contain perepelov? It is best of all to place them families – 3 females and 1 male – in special cages in the size of 30x20x20 cm, with a trellised floor (a peephole of 10 x 10 mm) and the pallet for collecting a dung. Such cages don’t take a lot of place, they can be put circles. It is possible to adapt and cages from other birds or to make them of an improvised material. If it is more than birds, and the cage is necessary more spacious.

For 15 birds recommend such sizes of a cage: 50x45x20 see. The cage should be convenient for leaving, with a door from the long party. Feeding troughs and drinking bowls establish out of a cage. Distance between twigs in a feeding trough zone – 25-30 mm. A laying in a cage – sawdust, hay dust, sand if the floor mesh also is the pallet for collecting a dung. The pallet can be covered paper. The dung is obligatory for collecting every day. If don’t plan to plant perepelov, it is possible to hold only one females.

Than and how to feed? 8-9 kg of forages are spent for each quail in a year, per day – on the average 35 g. A basis – bird’s compound feed or the crushed grain from a wide set grain (wheat, oats, peas, barley, a buckwheat).

All forages should be crushed, them feed both in dry, and in damp (bourgeois) a look. Adult birds are fed by 2-3 times a day. They receive 15 g of a grain mix, 10 g of an albuminous forage (cottage cheese, fresh low-fat fish, mincemeat, powdered milk) and 10 g of juicy forages (carrots, a pumpkin, a turnip, cabbage, topinambur). To a forage it is necessary to add premixes according to the instruction ("Ryabushka", etc.), and also trivitamin (A, D3, E) on 1 drop on each bird twice a week. Twice a week add to a forage and a boiled liver or blood. In the summer in plenty give to the crushed greens. In a separate feeding trough constantly keep coarse-grained sand.

Sang drink much, therefore in drinking bowls constantly there should be a fresh water. If the dung got to water, it is necessary to replace it immediately. It is necessary to pour fresh water 2-3 times per day (during distribution of forages).

Remember and that females rush for 10-12 months then their wear sharply decreases or stops. The livestock should be updated, that is to get young birds, and old to hammer.

With the medical purpose to children recommend to eat every day 4 crude eggs, and the adult – 6. Fried eggs from quail eggs the extremely tasty! And it is possible to prepare carcasses of birds, having fried them in hot fan, to bake in a foil or protomit in milk.

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