We store vegetables with use of inhibitor of ethylene

The technology of storage of fruits and vegetables in the adjustable atmosphere in the last the 10 anniversary gained sufficient distribution in Ukraine. About possible ways of improvement of characteristics of storage of vegetables and fruit with inhibitor use these Lena it is told in article.

The technology a hraneyoniya of fruits and ovoyoshchy in the adjustable atmosphere in the zapadyony countries ispol­zuetsya already very davyono, and in the last deyosyatilety received a doyostatochny rasprostrayoneniye and in Ukraine. Akayodemik of Russian Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Century Gudkovsky (I BEND VNIIS of. I.V. Michurin) at the third international conference Vegetables and fruit of Ukraine-2006. The open market in the report And ovoyoshchy told new technologies of storage of fruits about possible ways of improvement of characteristics of storage of vegetables and fruit with use of inhibitor of ethylene.

Standard storage with the adjustable atmosphere (RA) obespechi­vaet intensive delay of processes of postharvest maturing and aging that allows to store fruits of many winter grades within 8-11 months, i.e. till a new crop, autumn and autumn and winter grades – in teyocheny 4-6 months. Initial quality of fruits (a tveryodost, juiciness, nutritional value) thus remains.

As shortcomings of RA are considered:

• high one-time capital expenditure for a stroiyotelstvo fruktoxranilishha (0,5-0,6 dollars of the USA/kg of fruits);

• considerable costs of reconstruction usual fruktoxranilishh (0,2-0,3 dollars of the USA/kg of fruits) at ustanov­ke the generator of nitrogen and the cleaning device;

• frequent strengthening of development of suntan – without processing by antioxidants protection of fruits against this disease not garan­tiruetsya.

At essential deviations from recommended storage conditions (untimely creation of the necessary atmosphere and temperature, considerable fluctuations of factors of storage) quality of fruits decreases because of premature development physiological and mushroom the bolezyony. After unloading of chambers from RA and a rupture of a refrigerating chain (commodity processing, transportation, realization) remains is considerable probability of a sniyozheniye of quality of fruits that limits term of their realization.

Specially developed preparation the Phytomagician joins to bel­kam receptors of ethylene and ingibiruet its biosynthesis and biological action, reduces intensity of breath, fermentativny activity, constrains disintegration of a chlorophyll and other metabolic processes.

The preparation provides protection of fruits against suntan, a wet burn, disintegration, a pobureniye and oiliness of a thin skin against aging, decomposition of fabrics from mechanical damages, reduces losses from mushroom gnily and natural a wastage of weight of fruits at storage in the usual atmosphere (OA) and RA. Reliably keeps hardness, juiciness, a crunch bone, a trade dress, taste of fruits in storage in OA and RA and a doveyodeniye to the consumer at a rupture of a refrigerating chain. Thanks to the Phytomagician it is possible to prolong term sema the fruits used for a hraneyoniya. Periods of storage of fruits of an apple-tree and gru­shi in OA and RA with a low lezhkosposobnost (fruits of summer, autumn, late autumn grades) considerably last. Quality of fruits of many winter grades of apples at storage in OA within 4-6 months isn’t lower, than at storage in RA. The preparation reduces negative impact of extreme (stressful) storage conditions of fruits (untimely creation of the recommended temperature and atmosphere structure, considerable koyolebaniye of these parameters).

High efficiency is reached when using very low concentration of this connection. The preparation guarantees harmlessness for processed products, the person and environment.

(On materials of the magazine of "Vegetable growing").