House birds

The heading "Popular wisdom" proceeds. In this number it is described, how it is possible to determine weather changing by behavior of curia and cocks.

Popular wisdom

Popular wisdom

Life near people didn’t destroy at the cultivated birds of many congenital features of behavior inherent in them, drevyony instincts. Remained at them and sposobyonost to react to weather changing, though is slightly weaker, than relatives under natural conditions dwellings do them.

* Waterfowls – ducks, geese, swans – aren’t afraid some water and a rain. How many they swam and didn’t dive, a body and their peyorye remain dry. This results from the fact that they it is regular, and before a rain osobenyono, grease feathers with the fatty substance, being developed the person coccygeal zheyolezy, located at a tail root. Poro­etsya the bird at the tail-end, will squeeze out a beak nemno­go such greasing and then passes through it plumelets. Also does it until will grease each plumelet. Feathers on golo­ve and the top part of a neck a beak to it not dos­tat. But it greases them simply: zaproki­net the head on a back or sideways also rubs it on already greased feathers of a trunk. Therefore water well rolls down from feathers of these birds. Before a rain geese and wefts shout, po­dolgu lap in a pond, the river or on the sea, dive, clap wings, is diligent sma­zyvayut feathers fat. But if they are silent – wait for a thunder-storm with a thunder.

* Hens before a rain bathe in sand, clap wings, start to "preen feathers", touch feathers, are plucked, ro­yutsya in the down, cackle or walk in the middle of the street. If hens fly up on sayomy high subjects in a garden, a shed or under a canopy, wait for a fast rain.

* Kuritsa klushka before a rain withdraws the chickens in shelter or hides them under wings.

* If hens don’t hide from a rain, it won’t be strong and long. Mozhyono to observe and such: it is drizzling, and hens quietly walk about on a yard. It happens when the bad weather will be long, but without pouring rains.

* Suit in barometers and cocks. If ziyomy the cock or chicken in a yard stand on an odyony foot – there will be a frost. Centuries-old nayoblyudeniye for cocks showed that they sing three times at night: the first cocks – at the midnight, the second – to a dawn and the third – at dawn. If the cock shouts in the evening – to weather changing, voj­det in a structure and shouts – to nenas­tyu, sings on a fence – to a clear weather, will start singing in a frost – to a drowning.

If in the summer cocks unexpectedly start to crow among white day, on all village muster arrange, it is necessary to wait for a rain. And still is bird’s prime­ta: If in strong cold the turkey-cock shouts, the warm wind will blow.

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