Garlic – in pogrebok

Council is published how to store garlic.

Garlic not only universal seasoning, it also fine snack. So without preparations of this rich with useful properties and fine flavoring qualities of vegetable not to manage.

Leaves and garlic bulbs widely use for aromatization of meat and fish dishes, in preparation of house sausages, in a various pickles and marinades. And thanks to a large number fitoncidov garlic is applied and as medicine.

Garlic in vegetable oil

To divide garlic into cloves, completely to clear, fill up in dry to bank and to fill in with the refined oil – sunflower, olive or corn. To close to bank a cover and to put in the refrigerator. Such garlic can be stored some years. It doesn’t lose taste, cloves remain firm. Oil is flavored, and it can be used in preparation of salads.

Powder from garlic

The washed-up and cleared garlic gloves small to cut, dry up in an oven and to crush in a coffee grinder. To store in densely closed ware. Before use as seasoning a powder plant with water, add vinegar and salt to taste.

Fresh-salted garlic

1 kg of garlic. For a brine: 80 g so­li on 1l waters.

In a glass jar to put greens for salting: horse-radish leaf, fennel, some leaves of a black currant and cherry. Then here to lay 1 kg of the cleared garlic and to fill in with a brine – it should cover garlic completely. To bank to close a double layer of a gauze, to tie with a twine and to leave at room temperature for 4-5 days. Then FIELDS garlic will be ready to the use.

Garlic marinaded

At first to prepare pickling filling. In the enameled pan to pour 200 ml of 9 %-nogo of table vinegar, 1 glass of water. To add 20 g of salt, 50 g of granulated sugar, 4 peas of black pepper, 3 bay leaves, 2 teaspoons hmeli-suneli. To heat up to boiling, right there to remove and cool.

Heads of garlic to divide into cloves and to clear. One kg of the garlic prepared thus to put in a colander and to scald boiling salty water (50 g of salt on pol­litra waters), quickly to cool, having lowered a colander for half-minute in a basin with cold water.

The garlic prepared thus to lay in glass jars and to fill in with ready marinade. Banks to close not tight covers or to cover with dense paper both to tie with a twine and to store at temperature 15-22°C.

Fermented garlic

5 kg of garlic, 50 g of fennel, 3,2 l of pickling filling. For marinade: 450 ml of water, 25 g of salt, 25 ml of 9 %-nogo of table vinegar.

The fresh, well created heads of garlic are suitable for a fermentation in a young maturity, winter landing. Them it is necessary to touch, remove a root lobe, about an hour to sustain in cold water, to cast away on a colander, to remove an integumentary thin skin and to rinse. Fennel to touch, wash up, cut on a part in length to 15 cm and together with inflorescences to place on a bottom of the prepared ware. Then to lay as it is possible more densely than a garlic head, from above to cover with a layer of fennel and to fill in with the cooled marinade. Ware to cover with two layers of a gauze and to stick a twine. To sustain 10-14 days at room temperature, and then to close not tight cover and to put in a cool place.

Syrup from garlic

100 g of garlic, 150 g of grechishny honey.

For the medicinal purposes it is good to prepare a syrup from garlic. It possesses fine antimicrobic properties, stimulates warm activity, positively influences work of digestive system.

The cleared crushed garlic to fill in with grechishny honey, to heat up 20 minutes on weak fire, continuously stirring slowly. Garlic should be dissolved in a syrup. Then to remove from fire, to filter and store in the refrigerator in densely closed ware.

(On newspaper materials World of the gardener).