High-quality preseeding processing of the soil by the combined units of domestic producer

The short characteristic of the combined units intended for preseeding processing of the soil under crops of grain, leguminous and commercial crops is provided, and also when closing moisture on spring.

UDC 631

According to the constructive and technological scheme the combined soil-cultivating units are almost identical. Depending on a traction class of power means with which the unit width of its capture is aggregated can be: 1,5; 3,0; 4,5 and 6,0 m. The design of units with width of capture of 6,0 m consists from central and lateral frames which in transport situation compactly develop. It allows to carry out safe moving on ways of general purpose.

Experts Ukr. NIIPIT of. L.Pogorelov and regional divisions tested and recommended in production a number of the combined units, namely:

unit soil-cultivating AG-6, JSC Boreks; unit preseeding multioperational APB-6, JSC Shepetovsky zavod kultivatorov; unit of preseeding preparation of the soil APG-6, JSC Lutskoye RTP; the combined unit for preseeding processing of the soil of LX-6, JSC Lvovsky zavod frezernykh stankov.

All these units are intended for preseeding processing of the soil under crops of grain, leguminous and commercial crops, and also if necessary in a moisture closing-time on spring. On nature of performance of engineering procedure units are completed with a necessary set of working bodies and at preseeding processing of the soil on the set conditions receive the optimum indicators necessary for a qualitative seed bed.

The main knots of units with width of capture of 6 m – frames (the main and two lateral), four sections with working bodies, dream, the transport adaptation, sledorykhlitel, the mechanism of lifting of lateral frames, hydrosystem.

Placement of working bodies in necessary sequence and their set on types provide high-quality optimum processing of the soil according to with requirements.

The spoke is intended for connection of the unit to a tractor. The transport adaptation consists of two pneumatic running wheels which fasten on a frame.

By means of the mechanism of lifting of lateral sections, lateral frames transfer to transport situation. The hydrosystem consists of sleeves of a high pressure, hydrocylinders with hydrolocks, metal oil pipelines and explosive couplings.

It is available, conveniently and safely to carry out technical and technological service of units.

The technical characteristics of the combined units for preseeding processing of the soil, is given in the table

Preseeding processing of the soil is one of key engineering procedures who influences level of future crop therefore during its carrying out it is necessary to adhere to the regulated agrorequirements strictly. The analysis of quality of preseeding processing of wide scale of domestic cars showed that all of them provide implementation of the put requirements, sufficient reliability, and on a price level are available to a big circle of consumers.

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